micro:Maqueen Mechanic - Loader

micro:Maqueen Mechanic - Loader


Maqueen Mechanic-Loader is a kit of machine accessories that turn your Maqueen Lite into a loading machine. With a metal body similar to a loading machine, it can simulate the process of loading and unloading by the up and down function. This product can be used in expansion application scenarios such as loading and transportation, and engineering rescue.

Assembled Maqueen Mechanic Robots



2.Product Configuration List

3.Installation Steps


Click to view online tutorialhttps://edu.dfrobot.com/course-661.html
Click to download the tutorialMaqueen Mechanic Getting Started Guide(MakeCode)
Click to download the Maqueen Mechanic installation Manual: Maqueen Mechanic installation Manual
Product Pictures: ROB0156-L-product pictures.rar


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