micro:Maqueen Mechanic - Push

micro:Maqueen Mechanic - Push


Maqueen Mechanic-Push is a kit of machine accessories that turn your Maqueen Lite into a bulldozer. It resembles a real bulldozer and can push obstacles away by using a trolley plate. What’s more, the ultrasonic sensors installed on the expansion bracket can rotate within 10~170°. This product can be used in scenarios such as Maqueen football game, pitch cleaning, and maze.

Assembled Maqueen Mechanic Robots



2.Product Configuration List

3.Installation Steps


Click to view online tutorialhttps://edu.dfrobot.com/course-661.html
Click to download the tutorialMaqueen Mechanic Getting Started Guide(MakeCode)
Click to download the Maqueen Mechanic installation Manual: Maqueen Mechanic installation Manual
Product Pictures: ROB0156-P-product pictures.rar


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ROB0163-EN:Maqueen Mechanic(Mechanical Parts)

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