BOSON Inventor Kit


The Boson kit breaks down complicated circuits into simple, functional modules that are easy to understand. The kit requires no coding or soldering and is ideal as a STEM classroom teaching tool. Boson modules have built-in magnets and can be used with screws, Velcro and even LEGO! Boson modules can be fixed on a wide variety of materials such as paper, wood, fabric, whiteboards or your own LEGO creations! Modules under different categories are intuitively coded in four colors.

Boson Inventor kit brings you:


2.Introduction to Teaching Contents and Projects

DF Lab Inventor Series brings you 9 input modules, 7 actuators, and a total of 20 function and power modules. The projects in the course require no coding, making it ideal as a STEM classroom teaching tool for students in K3 to K6. The course aims to teach kids how to build interactive projects based on the theme of applications, fun toys, fun festivals, and smart life with LEGO blocks and wearable materials.

3.Project Introduction

Project Project Description
EP01 Can robot cheer for us? In this workshop, students need to work in teams to design and make a cheering robot. Every time you pass by the cheering robot, it will cheer you up by making actions and sounds.
EP02 How to make a street lamp smart? In this workshop, students need to work in teams to design and make a smart street lamp for the government. The smart street lamp is required to be turned on only when sound is detected during the night time(no daylight).
EP03 How to make an electric fan that changes speed? In this workshop, students will design and make an electric fan. It can not only blow out the wind but also change the speed, just like a real electric fan does.
EP04 How does a lamp become intelligent? In this workshop, students will design and make a night light. The night light is so amazing because it can automatically turn on at night and off at day.
EP05 How to build a torch with our own hands? In this workshop, students will work together to design and make a hand power flashlight. Press the button, it turns on.
EP06 Can we store our voice inside a box? In this workshop, students will design and make a message box. Like the answering machine in our daily life, the box can record our voice and play it.
EP07 How to prepare a surprise box? In this workshop, students will design and make a gift box. This gift box will surprise anyone who opens it.
EP08 How to make a shiny crown? In this workshop, students will design and make a shiny crown. Different from a normal birthday crown, this crown will start blinking when you jump up and down or shake your head side to side.


Click to view online tutorial DF LAB: Inventor Series
Click to download the tutorial 1.Guide for Cheering Robot Workshop.pdf
2.Guide for Smart Street Lamp Workshop.pdf
3.BecomeCamp-Fiche technique Boson & Science kit DF Robot(1).pdf
4.TOY0083 Project card
Product pictures

5.Product List

*BOS0001 *Rotation Sensor *1 BOS0002-B Blue Push Button *1 BOS0003 Self Locking Switch *1 BOS0004 Light Sensor *2 BOS0005 Tilt Switch *1
BOS0009 Sound Sensor BOS0045 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor BOS0013 Motion Sensor BOS0016 Ultra-Bright LED BOS0019 LED String Light
BOS0020 Buzzer Module *1 BOS0022 Voice Recorder Module *1 *BOS0024 *Motor Controller Module *2 BOS0025 Servo Controller Module *1 BOS0029 Logic Module - NOT *3
BOS0027 Logic Module - AND *2 *BOS0028 *Logic Module - OR *2 BOS0030 Splitter Module *3 BOS0032 Threshold Module *2 *BOS0033 *Duration Module (0-60s) *2
*BOS0026 *Reversible Counter Module *1 BOS0035 Boson:Mainboard-3IO *2 BOS0036 Mainboard-1IO *3 FIT0529 Boson:3xAAA Battery Holde *3 FIT0528 Boson:Micro Metal Gear Motor *2
SER0045 Boson:9g Metal Gear Micro Servo *1 Speaker-3W 8 Ohm *1 project card Activity cards * 12
Project cardboard * 5
MicroUSB Cable * 1
Cable (5CM) * 20
Cable (10CM) * 20
Cable (15CM) * 20
Velcro pack * 2
Screw pack * 2

The picture is only for reference, please make the object as the standard.

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