pH Sensor (i17) SKU: BOS0039-DFRobot


A pH sensor helps to measure the acidity or alkalinity of the water with a value between 0-14. When the pH value dips below seven, the water starts to become more acidic. Any number above seven equates to more alkaline. The pH of water can help determine the quality of water. Measuring the pH can also provide indications of pipe corrosion, solids accumulation, and other harmful byproducts of an industrial process.



Label Name Description
1 Signal Signal Onput (Analog)
2 VCC Positive
3 GND Negative
4 BNC Interface pH Probe

Usage Description

Put the probe of the sensor into the solution to be tested. Connect all parts together as shown below, power up and then the readings will be displayed on the OLED module.

pH Scale



A pH sensor measures the hydrogen ion concentration in water-based solutions, indicating its acidity or alkalinity expressed as pH. It usually has a glass electrode and a reference electrode.


(1) Investigation on Soft Drink

Description: investigate the pH of several different types of soft drink

Components: pH sensor, mainboard-1IO, fan module



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