The Software Development Environment of Bluno M3 Hardware Version 2.1 is based Arduino IDE 1.5.5. But in fact, Arduino IDE 1.5.5 doesn't support Cortex-M3 kernel. So we made a special version for Bluno M3. Since Arduino IDE entered 1.6.x Series, it has supported Cortex-M3 kernel. In order to keep pace with times and make Bluno M3 easy to use. We have done a lot of effort to make it compatible with your Arduino Version.

warning_yellow.png Note: This tutorial only applies to Bluno M3 V2.2 hardware version and Romeo BLE Quad V1.0

Bluno M3 V2.2 Software Development Environment

IDE_M3_Mainboard.png IDE_M3_Mainboard.png

Search “Bluno M3”

Install Bluno M3 MainBoard

Now, the development environment has been installed, you can use it like a normal Arduino board. IDE_M3_Mainboard.png

Reference Documents


Q1.It can't be compiled at all!

A. Please open C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Arduino\hardware\DFRobot\STM32 folder, and delete it.

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